Hand operated controls

Ergonomic control unit

This is a tasteful and ergonomic control unit, whitch can be operated using one hand only. Its shape, with its circular cross-section, makes the control unit easy to grip. The internal printed circuit board, which is very easy to change, allows components to be combined in a number of ways in order to adapt the control unit to the particular application for which it is required. The control unit is IP-65 classified.

Flexible & functional

The printed circuit board makes it possible to use a variety of micro switch combinations in the unit. You may need two or three functions per control button to manoeuvre a lifting table or a tipper tray. You may want to save the lifting and lowering position of your adjustable bed when using your control unit. Your own imagination is the only limitation to its application. You may want the control unit to be of a specific color, or perhaps you want to be able to secure it against unauthorised use. It can be adapted for a number of specialist uses!

Design award

The Kjellbergs Plast AB control unit has been awarded the Excellent Swedish Design and Form Prize. The awarding jury described the control unit thus: “Simple, clear design ensuring good grip, can be used in both outdoore and indoor environments. Destinct, large controlbuttons whit good response quality and expansion facilities, cost-effective and simple solutions.” The shape and design of the control unit have been patented, and the unit is subject to design protection.

When ordering smaller quantities of control units in the R1 and H1 series, please contact our partner OEM-automatic. OEM-automatic is keeping stock of some of our models. For more information, see the OEM-automatic web page.

3-Button lockable

Object 1001

3-Button with emergency stop + lockable

Object 1002

3-Button with magnet holder

Object 1003

2-Button with holder

Object 1004

2-Button. hanger with magnet

Object 1005

2+1 Button on top

Object 1006

2-Button with hanger

Object 1007

2-Button with switch

Object 1012

3-Button with lighting

Objekt: 1013

3-Button with cable on top

Object 1014

3-Button with hanger and holder

Objekt: 1015

3-Button with hanger and cable

Object 1016

4-Button. Hand operated

Object: 1018

Handcontrol H1

Manoeuvre controll with IP66 hardness classification that can withstand almost everything. We mould and assemble the controlls. This is a highly appreciated manoeuvre controll as we have a magnet in the back for easy placement. We also have a sheet of double-sided tape when there is no magnetic metal within reach. The control has an ergonomic design and easy-press buttons. Because we assemble these we can be very flexible and customize with color and cabling.