50 years in an innovative environment

Curiosity, collaboration, and innovation are the three key characteristics that have kept us in the industry for over 50 years. Tough competition and rapid changes within our line of business have led us to where we are today. A competitive and innovative company with customers throughout Europe, whose end products are used worldwide.

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We began as a conventional contract manufacturer of plastic components in Bredaryd, Småland. Rune Kjellberg founded the company under the name Kjellbergs Verkstads AB. In 1973, he and his wife Dagmar moved the operation to Bispgården, Jämtland.


Kenth Selander and Karin Nilsson bought the company in the early 90s. Kenth and Karin transformed the company to what it is today.


Idun Industrier aquired the company. Together with Idun Industrier and its group of company, the foundation of the Kjellbergs Plast has grown stronger.


In an globalised market, Kjellbergs Plast benefits from its roots, the industrial soil and infrastructure of Bispgården. Kjellbergs Plast are looking forward to the next 50 years with excitement.

A proud industrial tradition

Kjellbergs Plast operates in a geographical area with a long history of manufacturing. We are in the midst of an industrial cluster that includes both major suppliers and large customers to us. The companies here are organised to improve and develop the conditions for its industry. A key factor for success is trained co-workers. The upper secondary School, with its Industrial Program located in Bispgården, is providing the industry with well educated, machine, welding and process operators.

Also, the municipality of Ragunda has a history of being a strong supporter and facilitator of the local industry. We at Kjellbergs Plast are simply grateful to be here in Bispgården. Kjellbergs Plast also strives for a high level of social responsibility. We co-operate with Samhall and do not hesitate to hire people fleeing war-torn countries.

Together we are strong

Together, we form a team that creates products that are used by leading players all over the world. Our aim is for the workplace to be safe, secure and open to everyone regardless of age, gender and ethnicity.

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With us, simplicity and functionality take center stage. That’s how it has been since we started with plastic injection molding in the late 60s. 

Janne Olovsson

Production Manager, Kjellbergs Plast